Our friendly clinic is located next to Waterloo train station with easy access from 3 tube lines – seeing a Doctor has never been so simple or easy to organise.

All our Doctors are registered NHS GPs who can help you with the full range of medical issues.  So if you find visiting your local GP surgery inconvenient, we could be the answer.  You might want to visit a private GP if:

You want a one off appointment

You are visiting from abroad

You are not eligible for National Health Service care

You want a second opinion

You may choose for us to communicate with your NHS GP or for the consultation to remain confidential

Very often your medical issue will be resolved at your appointment but where further referrals or tests are required, we can arrange that too.  We offer a comprehensive range of blood tests and if necessary can refer you to nearby facilities for more complicated investigations.  We offer a holistic and empathetic approach and can offer you a range of counselling and support services.  So whatever your medical issue is, we are here to help.

We can provide a written report for another doctor and a private prescription if these are required.

We undertake investigation such as blood and urine testing, resting ECGs and lung function tests.

Our standard appointments are 15 minutes long and cost £55. The average NHS GP appointment is 12 minutes and therefore we expect to deal with most problems in that time.  Longer appointments are needed for more complex problems – particularly if this your first visit to us or you are seeking a second opinion.

Our clinic is open from 9:00 until 5:00 Monday to Friday. We often have same day appointments available.

Please note that we will not provide prescriptions for Opioid or other potentially addictive medication.

GP appointment

  • Up to 15 minutes

Extended GP Appointment

  • up to 30 minutes